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Micro 2.0

Synth 1: off

Synth 2: off

Melody: off

Y dots: 0° X dots: 0 Pitch: 0 0° 00 m/s20 m/s20 m/s2 0°0°0° 0 00 000

Hello! This is a mobile app for turning movement into music and sound. First, some directions (Refresh page to see this again):

♥ Use on a phone/tablet
♥ Tap the screen to start
♥ Activate the "buttons" by hitting them with the blue dot
♥ Control ping pong effect by tilting the phone
♥ Tap screen again for a pitch change effect
♥ Reload page to get a new randomized groove
♥ Please give me feedback after testing! (Fill out form in the feedback tab ↑)